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The Anterior segment OCT MS-39, manufactured by CSO, receives FDA clearance


CSO, global leader in diagnostic ophthalmic devices, announces that the MS-39 Anterior Segment OCT has received 510(k) market clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), paving the way for widespread deployment across healthcare systems in the USA.

MS-39 is a combined OCT and Placido Disk Topography device that allows the User to obtain high-resolution images, and consequently extremely accurate and precise anatomical/topographical data, related to structures of the anterior segment: corneal epithelium, Bowman membrane, corneal stroma, anterior and posterior corneal curvature, anterior chamber, iris-sclera corneal angle, iris, pupil size/dynamics and the crystalline lens.


All of this is possible due to the combination of these technologies providing analysis of the anterior corneal curvature (video-keratography Placido-disc based), with high resolution spectral domain OCT, in a single instrument that has yet many other innovative technical features. In a single measurement, the MS-39 provides a complete and detailed panorama of the anterior segment.


MS-39 will be showcased in C.S.O. booth #2233 at the AAO 2023 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco