Endothelial microscope

Endothelial microscopy is essential in the diagnosis of many corneal dystrophies, degenerative diseases and in the pre and post operative assessment of cataract surgery and corneal transplants. Perseus is a fully automated non-contact instrument, providing analysis of the corneal endothelium: the device quickly produces high-definition, quality, well-contrasted images. Cell density, Pleomorphism and Poimegatism values, as well as pachymetric data are calculated automatically. If it is necessary to make evaluations on the peripheral areas of the cornea, Perseus is equipped with a set of fixation targets allowing these measurments to be taken.


With this system it is possible to automatically count up to 400 cells with a single acquisition. The examination allows to obtain a mapping of the endothelial bed and a series of indices based on the shape and size of the cells.


This functionality allows manual processing of cells even when the quality of the endothelial bed is not recognized.


If acquisitions are made in different positions, it is possible to compose them in a summary. The possible fixations are 7. (1 central + 6 peripheral)


iVue Scanner  
OCT Image: 12151 a/h
Frame Rate: c125 to 1225 frame/s
Traverse Resolution: 15 Ym(retina)
Scan Range  
Depth: 2-2.3mm (retina)
Scan Beam Wavelength: y\840+/-10nm
Exposure Power at pupil: 750 uW
OCT Fundus Image (En Face)  
FOV: 21° (H) x 21°(V)
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2.5mm
External Image (Live IR) FOV: 13mm x 9mm
Table Specifications mm(in)  
Width(W) 486 (19.1)
Length(L) 874 (34.4)
Height(H) 669-870(26.3-34.3)