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The OSIRIS Aberrometer is an electromedical system for measuring corneal and ocular aberrations, for use in opthalmological diagnosis by specialised medical staff and oculists. This system is the result of a long research carried out by recognized professionals to bring new technology, quality and design together to the highest level. The instrument A revolution in the field of aberrometry, it enables assessment of the quality of the wavefront and measurement of ocular aberrations, thanks to its use of a PWS (Pyramidal WaveFront Sensor) and advanced software. The software provided allows the following: • Analysis of the patient’s ocular wavefront in diverse conditions of refractive simulation, as well as the deviation • from the ideal wavefront and refractive difference • Zernike analysis of the wavefront measured • A summary of the visual quality for assessment of the effect of the measured wavefront aberrations. • Comparison and difference between aberration maps in follow-up assessments.