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Refraction units


The new FUSION refraction unit has all the features included in a higher-level unit, provided in a very small space. FUSION has a new-generation commands Touch keyboard made in unbreakable glass, back-lighted, easy to use and easy to clean. On the keyboard are located all the main commands and a memory to store the several features of the unit is available. FUSION can be equipped with an electric up-down table-top and with a backward-forward movement chair (optional). The table-top can be locked and turned on everywhere, in any position. This feature makes FUSION suitable for disable patients on wheelchair and for obese patients. A very wide range of CHAIRS, auxiliary light, chest of drawers and additional desktops, and several accessories are available to furnish the Studio in the best way. As the other refraction units by CSO, FUSION is completely customizable with a wide choice of colors.
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